Selling your house is simpler than you think with Visum services, but, to help you make sense of it all we have put together a great library of articles to help you at each step of buying or selling a house.

Take better photos with our online tips.

Property Photos

You can supply your own property photographs or we can take them for you (for a fee). Read our tips to improve your photos and the chances of selling or letting your property.

Landlords' Buildings Insurance

Landlords' Buildings Insurance

Visum can now offer private landlords' buildings insurance. We've partnered up with big name insurers such as Barbon and Endsleigh, to put together buildings insurance policies for landlords and homeowners. They can deliver the cover you need at a price you won't believe.

Glossary of Property Terms

Glossary of Property Rental and Sales Terms

You might hear a lot of unfamiliar words when selling or buying a property, especially if it's for the first time. Thanks to our handy glossary you can brush up on the jargon and hold your own the next time a solicitor or estate agent lays on the gobbledygook, instead of staring like a rabbit in the headlights.

House survey

Survey it Yourself

When you've found a promising property that you're interested in purchasing you may want to get a survey done to lower the risk of being landed with a duffer and ending up with a terminally empty wallet. Whilst the mortgage lender will perform a survey before they will lend you any money, it is normally very cursory: sometimes they only drive past to make sure the house is there! They may charge you separately for this or it may be rolled up in the deal somewhere, but don’t mistake it for a structural survey that ascertains whether the property is free from defects.

Property Buying Process

The Property Buying Process Comprehensively Explained

The 'behind the scenes' actions that take place after someone has viewed a property and agreed to purchase remain a mystery to most buyers and sellers, but in truth there's no mystery to it. There are a series of steps to be carried out and this article is to inform you about them and suggest actions you can take during the process to be more of a part of it and perhaps save yourself from making a bad decision.

Property Advertising Tips

Property advertising tips

We want you to be a satisfied customer and to get the most out of your advert. Your ad should tell prospective tenants the things they need to know in order to make them interested in enquiring. Accordingly we've prepared some simple tips and instructions to help you to write a good advert and so maximise the return for your investment. We are always on hand as well to assist at any point to ensure success from start to finish.

Online Estate Agents

Why You Should Use an Online Estate Agent to Sell Your House

If you’re looking to sell your house, and you are considering the best route to take to get the best deal possible then your at the right place – The world of estate agency and house sales in the UK is changing fast and for the better. Visum-Sales online estate agents are at the fore front of the estate agency revolution enabling you to sell your property for just £34.00+VAT, no other fees, commissions or strings.

Estate Agents Fees

Estate Agent Fees

Estate Agent Fees are usually around 1.5% + 20% VAT – on an averge price house of £200,000 that works out at £3600, consider that against £29.00 that Visum-Sales charge and it’s not hard to see why we are one of the UK’s fastest growing online estate agents