Selling your house is simpler than you think with Visum services, but, to help you make sense of it all we have put together a great library of articles to help you at each step of buying or selling a house.

Legal help


  • 24/03/2017

Your choice of solicitor can make the difference between a home move that is a dream or a nightmare. Read on...

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Online fraud warning.

Avoiding Phishing Scams

Simple steps you can take to avoid being scammed into giving away your valuable personal information online.

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Property For Sale - Online Estate Agent or High Street?

Property For Sale

Considering advertising a property for sale? Traditional high street agent? Online estate agent? How to get the best value and service and what is the process involved in advertising property for sale?

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Visum's bad reviews.

Visum Review

Why we get some negative reviews, and why this is good for our customers.

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Property advice.

Finding and Choosing a Buy to Let Property

Things to consider when selecting a property - a lot of it applies to a property purchased for yourself to live in too.

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Fire safety.

Fire Safety Standards for Flats Over Shops

Flats over shops are higher risk because of the use underneath (which might be high risk) and limitations of exit routes compared to single-use dwellings.

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Recent Posts

Change of Product Lineup

Details of the May 2017 Product Changes


Your choice of solicitor can make the difference between a home move that is a dream or a...

Property Setting

Two useful new features added to Visum user accounts.

How to appeal against civil penalties for Right to Rent Breaches

Details of how to appeal the rather onerous fines for Right to Rent breaches

Changes To Our Messaging System

Roll out of changes to our messaging system to enhance your online safety and convenience.

Giving a Tenant Notice Upon Buying a Property

What landlords should do when buying a property with a tenant already in place.