How far would you go for your child’s education?

With the selection of pupils for schools coming up, the worrying about catchment areas and entry exam results begin. The panic for some however started long ago with many families choosing to move within a convenient distance from their preferred schools years before applying and sometimes even before their child is born.

The recession has also forced some families to take their children out of independent schools and opt for fee-free grammar schools instead. Catchment areas are becoming increasingly stringent. Many establishments now only accept students within a one mile radius and therefore competition for property is also extremely high.

With numerous families moving out of big cities to be closer to local comprehensive yet high-class education, houses in close proximity of good primary and secondary schools and good commuter links are hot property. Family homes within the sought after catchment areas can be significantly higher than those slightly outside, as many parents are willing to pay a considerable premium to live in the ‘right’ postcode.

Are you thinking about making the move to secure a coveted place for your little nipper? Why not check out Rightmove’s map function that allows you to pinpoint schools in your desired area. Select a property that you fancy and then use the school search feature above the map to see which primary and secondary schools are nearby – perfect for seeing if you’d be within those dreaded catchment areas.

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